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    Address of Water Management Center: Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Daneshgah st, Ardabil, Iran

    Introduction of Ardabil province

    Ardabil province is one of the provinces of Iran, which is located in the northwest of this country in the region of Azerbaijan, Iran. This province is bounded on the north by the Republic of Azerbaijan, on the west by the province of East Azerbaijan, on the east by the province of Gilan, the Talesh Mountains, and on the south by the province of Zanjan. It is noteworthy that this province occupies about 1.09% of the total area of the country. The capital of this province is the metropolis of Ardabil and according to the latest divisions of the country, it includes 13 cities, 25 districts, 21 cities and 66 villages.Most of the inhabitants of Ardabil province are Azeris who speak Turkish. Taleshis are other residents of Ardabil province who do not live in most of the villages of Anbar and speak the language of Talesh. Tats live in parts of Khalkhal city (in the south of the province) and Tati language is common along with Azerbaijani Turkish language.

    Ardabil province is one of the tourist regions of Iran. One of the features of this province is the cool climate of this region in spring and summer. Existence of spa complexes, historical possibility and pristine nature in this province, every year attracts a large number of foreign and Iranian tourists.