Distinctive features of the 3rd Conference


    The 4th International Conference and the 7th National Conference on Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment along with 5th National Conference on Iran Forests, pursue the following objectives according to the defined vision:


    - Providing a suitable platform for the exchange of ideas, technologies, and experiences of researchers, experts, and managers of different countries

    - Familiarity with the latest scientific achievements and the latest research methods in natural resources and the environment

    - Explain the need to develop and promote proper culture and modern management of natural resources and the environment

    - Achieving approaches and strategies for management and planning of natural resources and the environment

    - Creating alignment and coordination between executives, managers, experts, and researchers

    - Recognizing the appropriate values ​​and patterns of sustainable development and environmental protection

    - Laying the groundwork for a principled and extensive understanding of the industry and academia

    - Discover the hidden talents and use the experiences and thoughts of the elders

    - Helping to create a culture of optimal resource consumption